Our Accommodation

Every hotel must possess a fine mixture of elegance and comfortable ambiance, especially in the way the rooms are set. They are considered to be the identifier of how beautiful and cozy the place will be, hence, nothing should be left to chance in the interior design of each guest room.

Hotel Agadir has a total of 85 rooms for all guests to use. From classic rooms to suites, they can surely choose which room ambiance they want to choose for the duration of their stay.

Classic Rooms

The classic rooms are subdivided to 2 categories to reflect the cool variation of the room interiors.

  • Comfy Rooms – from $150 per night

Comfy is short term of comfortable. That is exactly what this room is all about. Our Comfy rooms showcase double beds in the elegant bed and breakfast type, just right for both business and holiday tourists on a budget. All Comfy rooms are in wood tiles and with mini-vaults for storing important items.

Comfy Rooms

Guests who want additional space to lighten up and unwind, they can visit the hotel sun deck, or the reading area.

Reviews from previous guests have awarded comfy rooms 4 stars. The rest of the rooms have received a 4 and a half stars out of 5.

Each of our Comfy rooms can accommodate up to two persons, and also come in limited pet-friendly with twin beds for guests travelling with their pets.

  • Exquisite Room – from $150 per night

Our Exquisite Room has more or less the same capacity as that of the Comfy room, with a difference only in the room interiors.

Exquisite Room

Hotel Agadir’s exquisite rooms also come with twin beds in limited quantity.

Both room types, however, have the superior toilet and bath facility, with heater and bath tub, for everyone’s ultimate room experience.

Exquisite Room

  • Executive Room – from $215 per night

Our executive rooms have spacious areas that are tastefully decorated to fit the high-end needs of business or leisure needs. Each room is carefully laid out with crafty details of what a cozy space should be about, especially made for guests who want nothing less in  their stay at the heart of Sydney.

Pet friendly Executive rooms are also available, accompanied with enclosed atrium for a wider and more comfortable breadth for owners and their companions.

For guests travelling on a much needed vacation, or for those who plan to stay in Sydney for a few days, this room may just exactly be what you need.

Executive Room


Hotel Agadir has three types of suites to choose from – Junior Suite, Superior Suite and Deluxe Suit. All of which are providing ultimate comfort for guests who want to feel to be right at home.

  • Junior Suite – from $350 per night



  • Superior Suite – from $415 per night

Superior Suites

  • Deluxe Suite – from $500 per night



Deluxe Suites Bed Room

Living Room

Deluxe Suites Living Room

Hotel Agadir’s suite rooms can accommodate up to a maximum of two adults and two children. That is why families with a detailed plan of exploring Sydney have grown to love to stay in our suites as they resemble a homey experience to our tourists.