Parties and Seminar Packages

Are you looking for a place to host the most memorable event of your life? Hotel Agadir brings you diversified hospitality to a different level.

Let us be a part of your big moments and you can be sure of a guaranteed success and beautiful memories to bring with you through the years!


One of the sweetest things that could happen to a person is finding the ultimate love of his life and settles down for good. Yes, we are talking about wedding celebrations! It is such a wondrous moment for lovers to exchange their marriage vows in front of families and friends, coupled with an intimate ceremony.

We, at Hotel Agadir, love weddings and intimate celebrations, too! Let us help you plan your big moment and get exclusive access and various discounts to our amenities. On top of that, Hotel Agadir offers two nights of complimentary stay at the Junior Suite for your honeymoon.

Our package also includes wedding ceremony set-up according to your chosen theme, flower arrangements and buffet menu for your dining needs. Package modification is also available.

Talk to us! We’d love to hear your plans and help you achieve them!

Wedding Reception

Special Events

Hotel Agadir is also hosting special parties and events four cocktail celebrations or sit-down gatherings. We make it a point that your social get-togethers will be remembered for good. With us, you are sure of ample accommodations for all your guests to enjoy. Choose from our array of venues and let us work the magic for you.

Diamond Hall



Fine Dining

We will take you to a step higher with our fine dining experience exclusively provide by Delish Cuisine. With top of the line menu and beverage option, you will surely have a great time with friends and loved ones with us.

Member Privileges

Agadir Premium Pass
Come and be a member of Hotel Agadir and get amazing exclusive discounts and freebies every time you visit. Agadir Premium members have full and free access to the fitness center for the duration of their membership, as it is renewable every two years. Aside from that, members get exclusive seats to public events such as concerts, product launches, and many others that are sponsored by the hotel. It’s indeed an opportunity for guests who want maximum output with their money.

Pet Spa Indulgence
Agadir Premium members get as much as 50% discount on all per services offered by the hotel. Treat your favorite companions to a well deserved break anytime you want with this great deal. What’s more, your pets will also take home some pampering items for you to try at the comforts of your own home.

Pet Spa Indulgence