Your Best Dining Experience

Sydney is quickly rising as one of the cooking capitals not just in Australia but around the globe, too. All of this is due to the blossoming of inventive and creative chefs, high quality ingredients, classy restaurants and a city that is ready to try anything for a change.

Discover Sydney’s restaurant scenery and you will definitely savour a mouth-watering array of international flavour ambiance where cafés and restaurants have captured the bona fide recipes and elements of cooking, service and impression of their home towns and have proudly conveyed them altogether to the harbour city. Seafood Restaurants, for one, are on the very top of the agenda, with a whole host of seafood restaurants positioned to benefit the water views. However, you will also find a number of Modern Australian cuisine, Asian dining experience, Mediterranean and European restaurants and others that are ready to please your taste buds. It is always enjoyable in Sydney to enjoy dinner and witness a theatre show afterwards.

Hip and chic bars, on the other hand have also witnessed a growth, not just within Sydney’s central business district. Explore different areas around Sydney and be amazed at another delicious realm of culinary arts and great dining experience.  Truly, Sydney has so a lot of places to munch and stuff to do, you are literally spoiled with so many choices!

Best Dining

Delish Cuisine – The Ultimate Dining Experience

As far as dining goes, Delish Cuisine is among the top restaurants in the whole of Sydney that provides superbly delicious European and Australian food to guests of all ages. All major types of food choices in Europe, from German, to Swiss, Russian, Scottish, Hungarian, Dutch, English, Italian, and many others, including the European main dish are certainly found in Hotel Agadir’s menu.  More so, Australian dishes are very well laid out including the well-loved seafood stuff.  Hence, we are very competent that guests will find dining at Delish Cuisine a remarkable experience.

Delish Cuisine

Bar and Lounge

Meeting with colleagues or simply hanging out with friends is something that can be done at Hotel Agadir.  The bar hosts a contemporary, classic, and rock live band, playing from Mondays through Sundays. For guests who are into music, and for those who surely love to party, Hotel Agadir is just the right place to be.

The hotel bar is also a home to a wide array of different kinds of beverages and a variety of wines and drinks for visitors to choose from. Many in-house drinks that are suitable for social meet-ups, client correspondence and other business transactions are also served until the early hours in the morning. Since the bar is up until three o’clock AM, guests can truly maximize their chances of unwinding and socializing activities.

For guests that are feeling the need to lie down and read or watch movies to their hearts’ content, the hotel’s lounge is a magnificent place to lay low and chill. Get comfortable with your book, chat with your loved ones, or just simply enjoy the hotel view and the people around you. It is truly something worth trying, and you’ll be amazed at how relaxed you can get just by simply sitting and doing nothing.

Bar and Lounge